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martedì 25 aprile 2017

Hayir - No

This blog dedicates this day, which is important in Italy as the Liberation Day, to commemorate the Turkish democratic resistance to the Turkish Hoax.
We will never recognize the late Turkish referendum on "executive Presidentialism".
We will never appease Erdogan and its regime.
We will ever support, instead, Turkish social and political opposition forces in their request of referendum repetition, in fairer conditions.
In particular after that all the political prisoners, representatives, journalists are eventually freed, and full press freedom has been established in Turkey.
This is a dramatic question, which requires moral clarity and resoluteness.
Let's hold it hard.

* * *

To deepen this dramatic topic, those who understand Italian can follow the great job of Mariano Giustino, correspondent of Radio Radicale from Istanbul.

venerdì 21 aprile 2017

EU is so rotten that even a Labourist can understand it

In the vigil of the French elections, which I believe will greatly shake the status quo, I suggest this reading to those who missed it:

The Sixth Way: Devolution by Dorette Corbey, published by Social Europe on 4 April 2017

Dorette Corbey is a politician from the Dutch Labour Party. Yes, exactly the party who went destroyed in the last Dutch political elections.

European Union is so rotten that even a Labourist can understand the necessity of profound Euroreform, and a new season of devolution.

Only the multiplication of strong local self-governing authorities - both newly independent republics as Scotland and Catalonia, and the multiplication of European autonomous regions and provinces - may bring democracy and socialism back to the people, keeping at bay chauvinism, preserving peace, justice, and free circulation in Europe.

The people need a say in the great challenge of overcoming the present sense of deprivation, the rising of inequalities, the fear of more neo-colonialist, imperialist wars.

Human-scale democracy, provided by the multiplication of free republics in Europe, scaling down EU and big states' concentration of power, may provide to the people new spaces of hope.
Let's go on, studying and working against what's wrong in Europe and beyond.

lunedì 17 aprile 2017

The Turkish Hoax


The Easter (16 April 2017) Turkish referendum has been rigged since the beginning: opposition leaders arrested; representatives deprived of their immunity; journalists and intellectuals persecuted, exiled, beaten, or even killed; the state machine have been purged of honest functionaries and filled with AKP hardliners.

Nonetheless, Erdogan has lost in all the major cities, in the most open and developed tourism areas, in the Kurdish provinces.

The above map clearly explains the situation. Only further cheating in provincial election stations and within the "deep state", has managed to collect a victory of "Yes", and a very close one.

At the moment we are writing (April 17, 10.24 CET), provisional counting is at %99.97 of the votes; Yes (Evet) is at %51.41 (25.156.860 votes); No (Hayır) is at %48.59 (23.777.014 votes).

Evidently, this result is no way legitimate. It cannot be neither trusted nor accepted.

Now we have to support all Turkish democratic forces in their struggle for freedom, and social and territorial autonomies, especially the HDP.

Something must change also in the other Turkish parties. They are too much subaltern to centralist and nationalist mainstream. That's why they have not been able to oppose #croockeErdogan.

Erdogan had his Phyrric victory, but we strongly believe this is not the end for democracy, this is the start of his end.

May the Risen Lord, the Easter G-d bless all the peoples of Anatolia in their journey of awakening and in their resistance to Erdogan's corrupt, authoritarian regime. 

giovedì 13 aprile 2017

The Coming Turkish NO

On the coming Easter-Pascha Sunday, April 16th 2017, if Erdogan's regime has not yet completely rigged the electoral mechanism, the communities and the peoples of Turkey will deliver a NO vote to the proposed AKP-MHP constitutional reform.

As it happened in Italy on December 2016, and in many other corners of the world, we bet that: electors will not believe the state propaganda; they will not obey the dominant party; they will not consent to further concentration of power and riches.

Let us hope.

If we are wrong, if Erdogan's lackeys have completely mined Turkish institutions, Turkey's (and our) future will eventually be far more complicated (but even in the worst case I am not pessimistic and I will soon explain why, in the coming days).

Let us pray and act, for democracy, decentralism, freedom and justice for all.

May all of you be blessed on Easter-Pascha!

venerdì 7 aprile 2017

How to Cure American Hubris

One of the few reasonable Trump's promises has been broken. As one can read from those who voted for him, "President Trump's launch of military action in Syria represents a betrayal of the Americans who hoped he would pursue a different foreign policy than his two immediate predecessors".

The imperial military-industrial establishment is stronger than ever, still concentrating power and riches. President Trump was exposed as subaltern, incompetent, and eventually reckless.

In this dramatic hours, we must pray for the innocent victims. We must expose American responsibilities in triggering the Syrian "Civil War" and in other imperialistic adventures. We must be aware of the #SyriaHoax. We must say #NOWAR again and again.

But all this is not enough.

We need a much more radical approach to cure American imperial hubris.

Two important things can be reminded tonight:

- all over the world we must act to dismantle the American empire of bases; here in Tuscany we have to do something against NATO aggressive poising;

- in America we have to give support to peace movements, ranging from the anti-imperialistic activism up to the anti-war isolationism (the opposite sides of the political spectrum must cooperate in this dramatic situation).

In particular we must support American progressive decentralists, all over the United States. They can scale back and down the immense power concentrated in Washington and give birth to a new American spring of human-scale democracy, and social inclusion, and peace.

The best drug to cure American hubris we have met on the net up to know, is this intervention from the Free Vermonter Robert Williams Jr.

Please read it, diffuse it.

Unlikely as it may sound, Vermont Second Republic is the royal road to put an end to American internal inequality, international imperialism, militarism and corruption.

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