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martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Three radical dropouts

Prof. Olivier Roy, of the European University Institute, was interviewed today by Il Fatto Quotidiano and expressed what we think is a well-considered view of the Paris terrorists, calling them three marginalized, idle dropouts who were attracted to a very modern brand of nihilism, having only the slightest relationship to religion. On the contrary, their sinister sensibility was very westernized: with self-indulgent victimization, the cowardly bullying of the unarmed, and destructive hatred they sought to compensate for their personal failures.

We do not need new bureaucracies, agencies, and prosecutors to deal with such radical losers. Instead we need law and order, neighborhood by neighborhood - burgh by burgh - with local professional police patrols.

And we need to keep in mind that there is a still open social question that cannot be ignored. For many people – not only immigrants and the young – the risk of becoming labor slaves or joining the marginalized unemployed is too high in our capitalist society. 

Clearly, neither of these fates justify becoming a murderer. But if we still believe in our open society, we need to restore inclusion and equality alongside responsibility and legality.

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