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venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

The Radical Loser

With the way humanity has organized itself in our global modernity, the number of losers increases every day.
After Westernization, uprooted people have become extraordinarily gullible, because ancient religions, traditional cultures, family values, have been destroyed.

When such people, as the Muslim immigrates do, ask themselves, “Why are we humiliated?”, they come up with simplistic - even if not totally false - answers: the Western world oppress us, hate us, discriminate against us...
The deprived, the defeated, the loser person may accept her fate, or find her own way to social redemption.
But she may instead seek for a nihilist revenge, embracing false prophets, sinister utopias, extremist movements.
To understand the radical loser, a reading of Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a must. 
We are in danger, because our open societies are very fragile and exposed to nihilist terror.
We mourn our martyrs.
We must defend our principles, even by force.
We need to bring to justice the criminals.

But we have also to understand that radical losers are a social reality, not a geopolitical menace.  
We do not need another war, but demanding social and political reforms.

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