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domenica 25 gennaio 2015

Give Us Hope Greece

Give us hope, Greece, before the morning come.
A few lessons Greece might teach Europe, and beyond, with today's general elections:
- problems cannot be solved with the same mind set and by the same people that created them;
- more equality is possible, even in a small, impoverished, peripheral country;
- lowering debt service and allowing controlled default is capitalism, not barbarism;
- debts forgiveness is in the Gospel, not Apocalypse!

In conclusion, let us repeat it: to create more cash, without increasing debts, it might require something beyond the Euro, to strengthen local democracies and local economies, in the long term, but this would not mean any extremist departure from the status quo. 

Forza Greece!

#GUHG! #GiveUsHopeGreece

Starving Greeks queue for food
(Source: Daily Mail)

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