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mercoledì 17 settembre 2014

A message from Tocqueville to Scotland

A quote from Tocqueville's famous Democracy in America, to the Scottish people:
It is believed by some that modern society will be ever changing its aspect ; for myself, I fear that it will ultimately be too invariably fixed in the same institutions, the same prejudices, the same manners, so that mankind will be stopped and circumscribed ; that the mind will swing back wards and forwards forever, without begetting fresh ideas ; that man will waste his strength in bootless and solitary trifling ; and, though in continual motion, that humanity will cease to advance.
Tocqueville was one of the few intellectuals with intellectual roots in the eighteenth century, to be at least able to catch a glimpse of the great industrial transformation that began in the nineteenth century. His warning against modern rigidity is still valid. Scottish people, if you really want to mine the status quo, it is time to say Yes to change.
Scotland, have a good vote, tomorrow.
Hope over fear.

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