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giovedì 25 settembre 2014

The end of bigotry is nigh

President Obama, in his recent speech at the United Nations, did what he does best: he talked about what is changing. 
Those looking candidly at the world today, they see not only states full of debts, universities paralyzed by biases, economies producing junk goods and polluting the planet.
Everybody should also see younger generations who want to live and love in freedom, and peace.
But if you look at this radical change of prospect in the heart of Levant, how may one seriously believe that the so called Caliphate, proclaimed by ISIS (aka ISIL, aka IS), has a future, as a geopolitical menace?
Crying that global Islamo-fascism terror is nigh, does not make any sense!
Let us put it simple: they don't have material, social, human resources enough, to survive in the long term.

The only thing that is nigh, is the end of bigotry, sectarianism, political violence, terrorism, radical losers!
This is one of the main reason, I abstain from joining the Cassandra chorus warmongering against international terror.
The more I look at the figures, the more I follow the money, the more I study the demographics and the economy of countries where terrorism is more threatening, the less I believe the so called Islamo-fascism might be a real, lasting geopolitical threat.  
I invoke Western self-restraint.
I ask the interruption of senseless bombing and intensifying our material, military help to the few accountable local authorities, as Kurdistan, Lebanon, Jordan, that may better understand the situation and operate on the ground.

I campaign for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
And I believe in resumption of talks for a lasting peace between the West and Iran, between Israel and the West Bank, and between Israel and Gaza, under Egyptian protectorate.

Let's hope.

* * *

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