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sabato 20 settembre 2014

Homage to Scotland

I pay my personal tribute to Scotland who believed in independence, and also to all those who believed in the promise of home rule made ​​by Gordon Brown and the three unionist parties.
Woe to those who do not keep promises made ​​to the people!

In a special way I want to pay tribute to the social side of this history we lived together: low-paid workers, low-income families, under-employed young intellectuals, small entrepreneurs, family-run farms, immigrants, activists, social workers, anti-war militants, greens.
The self-consciousness they acquired, the awareness that they have matured, have reshaped these people.
Such humble, fragile, often loser people, they have conquered full citizenship, they have the power.
Scotland has a new prince, a collective body, its citizenry.
This united people no longer want to just be treated with justice, they want to be the prince who dispenses justice, equality and opportunity for all.
A princely citizenry is born and it is here to stay.
This is more a beginning than the end!
Home Rule NOW!

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