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mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

False Friends Not Welcome in Tuscany

On 26-27 November 2015, NATO Parliamentarians are arriving in Florence for discussions to review an international strategy against the self-proclaimed Caliphate, the late incarnation of a dangerous kind of Fascist-Islamist State (aka IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh).
Let us talk frankly, NATO is an anachronistic and sometimes dangerous scrap, and we dare to say the Tuscan people is very skeptical about its recent political and military development.
In addition, Syria and the Levant are in urgent need of serious peace talks among enemies, not another round of hypocritical talks among false friends.
You, who are accomplices of the Islamist criminals in the Levant.
You, who have been financing and arming the so-called Syrian "rebels".
You, who conspired with any kind of criminal militias to justify neocolonialism and endless wars.
Are you coming in Florence to make peace, aren't you? 
If not, you are not welcome.


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