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giovedì 26 giugno 2014

Thank You, My Open-Minded Tuscan Mum

My family has been my first school of liberty.
The first time I have a clear memory about social freedom and individual responsibility, it was on the occasion of an anti-prohibitionist statement released by my mother, at home, in Tuscany, in the kitchen, while doing housework.
She had little education and little luck in her life, but it was clear in her eyes that if the state prohibits a substance, it gets two inconvenient results: first, a dangerous increase of its officials' power; second, the shameful increase of wealth for those who sells the product made illegal.
I really admire my mother for this instinctively libertarian, anti-prohibitionist idea, she has taught me, when I was little more than a child.
Forty years after, the moral and political necessity of ending drug war, it is still clear to me, mostly thanks to my mother.

Unfortunately, while celebrating their useless and hypocrite international anti-drugs dayinternational and national bureaucracies are still wasting resources and lives in their costly, bloody, ineffective war on drugs.
I will never tire repeating: war on drugs is a source of corruption and arbitrariness
On its bias it rests the real mafia power. 
It must be ended, as soon as possible.
If you do not believe a Tuscan ordinary mother and his son, at least have the decency to read something about:
- Transnational Radical Party commitment to end drug war
- Open Society 
- Robert Morris, a maverick
- Anti-prohibitionism's historical failures
Last and late, but not least, also the mainstream, conformist London School of Economics arrived to open its gate to a bit of common sense...

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