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domenica 25 novembre 2012

Homage to Catalonia

My personal homage to Catalonia, which is voting for a new parliament.
The main issue is, again, independence.
In addition to well known historical reasons, independence becomes more relevant today, because there are many good reasons to think that austerity, reduction of the present unbearable public deficits and private debts, may be better faced at a lower level, in smaller republics, by local governments, closer to their people. 
The independentists of Catalonia, like those of Scotland, Flanders and Tuscany, want their reborn states remain within the European Union.
Will this be possible?

There are a few juridical details to deal with, but the question is not new, nor insurmountable. The European Union has already many special territories and special relations with former portions of member states. We already have a variable geometry of membership, still in evolution, within EU.
Greenland, for example, does not belong to Europe, despite the fact that it is still part of the Kingdom of Denmark.
On the contrary, the Aaland Islands, even after their almost total independence from Finland, are and will remain an integral part of the Union.
One thing, at least, is certain, from the point of view of international right: the successor states, after their separation, no matter how many technical issues may need to be overcome, retain full right to remain members of our Union. Their citizens remain also, undoubtely, European citizens.
Barroso and other Eurocrats have lost (another bit of their little) credibility on this point, with their threats against Catalonia and Scotland. They tried to clarify, but their following vagueness was even worse than their former menace to keep Catalonia and Scotland out of the Union.

I suggest the people of Catalonia to cast their vote in serenity.
We will find together a way of firing Barroso and other eurocrats, not Catalonia, from the European Union.

* * *

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