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mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Free Iran, waiting for the next Spring

On the occasion of 2012 IDAHO, I would like to remember our beloved Iran. A great continent, five times Italy in extension, where 40 millions young people are living; where there is enormous potential for reconciliation, return to the rule of law, building an open society, reforms, liberalization and democracy.

Let's send a message of love and hope to the young, the woman, the intellectual and all the queer people of Iran.

For those who have time, three links. One full of hope, a second full of hatred, a third a little ironic:

Two links more, to know two persons I have personally met, in Tuscany, invited by our Tuscan Parliament:

Shirin Ebadi, layer and women rights advocate

Akbar Ganji, who inspires his political commitment to Ghandi and Martin Luther King

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