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giovedì 21 agosto 2014

Help our neighbor

I am a supporter of Kurdish self-government since I was a boy. For thirty years, I have expected a Western leader blessing and helping Kurdish self-rule. Looking at this picture, Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi with president Masoud Barzani, I feel more confident, in these hard times, in this hard world.
Some caveats: I do not believe in so-called humanitarian interventionism; I do not believe in American bombing; I do not want America back in Iraq, where it has already made enough mistakes.
Rather I believe in an old evangelical motto: love thy neighbor.

This has a geopolitical meaning: help those who are closethose who can do something really good, because they are on the ground, with greater competence, with a direct interest in solving local problems.
Helping Christian and Yazidi refugees is necessary. The Kurdish Regional Government in north Iraq may do something about. Then, let us help this accountable and solid entity.Resisting ISIS (aka ISIL, aka alleged Caliphate) is also necessary, but we must also remember that this cruel organization is also a consequence of American, Western intervention in the area. It developed also thanks to American, Western geopolitical overreach.
So, now, anti-ISIS resistance must be lead by Kurds, Syrians, Iraqi Arabs, Jordanians.
Let us help them, yes, but, for once, without Western hubris.

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