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lunedì 10 marzo 2014

1989, the year of the web

This month it is worth reading some comments and look at some figures about the web, after 25 years, since March 1989, when Sir Tim Berners-Lee first conceived and presented his colleagues, his World Wide Web idea.
Here some links:
- people and ideas that the web made viral
- the old, glorious, edited by Enrique De Argaez
- the most recent Web Index report
Living, and researching, and writing, in a world where communication apps count billion users, two humans out five are regularly connected, and smartphones are universal, make me think to a visionary, almost prophetic, statement left by Karl W. Deutsch, in his Politics and Government : How People Decide Their Fate. 3rd edition. Boston ; London : Houghton Mifflin, 1980 (previous edition: 1974, 1970!).
Karl Deutsch wrote that many positive and negative utopias have proven false, but there was another kind of utopia which may be the most unrealistic, indeed the most utopian, of all, the one that suggests that the world will stay as it is.
“In the future, the world will look very different from the way it used to. (…) But the only landmark we will need to preserve will be our sense of who we are - our sense of identity as a group, as a people, and as a country. For a long time the world will be inhabited by many stubbornly different people, each of them with its own culture, institutions, and social systems (Deutsch, 1980, p. 644).

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