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giovedì 20 marzo 2014

Venetian Springtime

Tomorrow night (on Friday, March 21, 2014) we will have final results of the quietest, but also the most impressive political manifestation of this decade: the self-managed referendum for independence of Veneto.
In the silence of the mainstream, we have news of innocent, generous, bottom-up, grassroots commitment.
This is, I believe, a political spring in territories of ancient Republic of Venice, united not only by their beautiful language, by their extraordinary cultural heritage, but also by their sense of civic duty and their economic and social success.
Within a few months of preparation, a few days of viral mobilization, and a sober crowd-funding, Veneto apparently leaves behind decades of inconclusive, sectarian, old independentism; rivalry among little local parties greedy for public funding; Northern League's hypocrisies and failures; pointless ambitions of politicians who have looked more in Rome than at Veneto's wealth - including, unfortunately, some of the best of them: Flavio Zanon, Laura Puppato, Flavio Tosi, Giancarlo Galan. 
As a political scientist, and as an information and network technician, I'm not surprised, but rather comforted in carrying forward a book proposal for my study Disintegration as Hope. 
As a civic-liberal and Tuscan-libertine activist (in the sense these adjectives have in Tuscany), as a supporter of radical, Swiss-style, federal reform of Italy and Europe, I express my personal sympathy to the millions of Venetian citizens who have participated in this extraordinary political mobilization for their freedom and sovereignty.
I repeat here what I wrote in Facebook on February 18, sidelining a statement from my friend Michela Murgia (Sardinia's independentist leader):  
- Up with independent individuals, local communities, peoples;
- Down with all the dependencies.

Up with this - hopefully surprising - Venetian springtime.

* * *


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