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venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Queer Christian Tuscany at a glance

The Washington Post publishde an eyeful reportage about Tuscan queer Christian people and their condition within a backward Catholic environment and one of the last European republic which does not recognize queer people and their family rights. The glance may sound somehow superficial but, between the lines, some rare signs of hope are revealed.

Please, take your time to read something about Tuscan Christian queer people, in the time of pope Francis:

The Washington Post: in Italy, gay catholics feel the ‘Francis effect’.
Article by Anthony Faiola
Stefano Pitrelli contributed to this report
Picture by Alessandro Penso (OnOff Picture)
Published in The Washington Post (USA), March 27, 2014

In Italian:

Il Washington post: "In Italia, i gay cattolici sentono l’effetto Francesco”.Articolo di Anthony Faiola con il contributo di Stefano Pitrelli pubblicato sul The Washington Post (USA) del 27 marzo 2014.
Traduzione di

Father Andrea Bigalli giving Communion
to Tuscan queer Christians
(The Washington Post)

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