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martedì 12 marzo 2013

Falklander people have spoken

Falklanders decided they want to remain a self-governed territory under British protection. They are in armony with one of the most important historical human trend: the increasing respect of self-determination, based on the will of the resident people, along with the total refusal of population transfers, or deportation.

Carolina Barros, editor of the Buenos Aires Herald, pronunced a key statement: some "Argentines think that the territory, the land, belongs to the Argentine map. But most of the Argentines, I think, think that the islanders are entitled to believe or feel themselves like the true inhabitants of the islands after almost nine generations".

The Argentine government may not change its expansionist mind, but the Argentine people may, expecially if they remember and decide to honor the senseless slaughter of  their fellow 650 Argentine servicemen who died in the 1982 war.

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