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domenica 13 settembre 2015

War Is Not Inevitable

Nothing will be easy for Jeremy Corbyn, the old-new British Labour leader.
There is neither a royal road, nor any consolidated recipe, to build a fairer and more decent society.
Many think this is the coming back of old leftism, and a kind of gift for those who want to discredit everything left of the establishment. This blogger does not agree.
Corbyn, in our modest opinion, has given voice to a few inconvenient truths: structural inequalities are not irredeemable; London financial oligarchy is not endowed of any self-evident, natural privilege; and war is not inevitable.
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron have failed miserably in addressing these tough questions.
We must hope that an old-new Labour, along with Scottish nationalists, Greens, and many other liberal and civic forces, may gather to conceive something original. We do not expect miracles, but a bit less poverty and the British withdrawal from any war.

* * *

Listen to the voice of Jeremy Corbyn, starting from his victory speech.
Another interesting point of view, not totally blind to the necessity of profound political reforms, can be read in this article by .
The Guardian, of course, is an excellent point of access to what is changing in England.

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