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lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Do not mess in Syria

Imagine, for a moment, that Western powers may have no public debts and austerity problems.
Imagine they really may be able to gather serious and profound geopolitical expertise about Syria.
Imagine they may have found local, accountable partners that want a free, democratic, pluralistic Syria.
Imagine they may really understand the ground and they may really be able to apply a certain military pressure.
Imagine and, please, don't take these four assumptions for granted!
In that case, what would you like?
Start another war, without clear objectives, limits, restraints?
Or rather use Western hypothetical force to claim an immediate truce and the beginning of a political process?
Before the end of Ramadan and the summer, there is a great opportunity for a lasting truce.
The alternative would be another disastrous “humanitarian” intervention.
I do not believe the military-industrial complexes have learned any lesson from the past.
It is up to all of us, citizens and netizens, to shut up the warmonger, exposing the risky hubris of many top leaders - even the intelligent and respected senator John McCain, for instance - that are sadly walking with their heads turned back.

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