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venerdì 18 aprile 2014

De-escalation in Ukraine

I firmly believe in a possible thaw, in this dramatic hour, in Ukraine. 
Despite warmongers as Anne Applebaum, Samantha Power and John Kerry's liberal hubris, Putin's rhetoric, elites' backwardness, extremists, radical losers, I believe that peace is more likely than internecine violence.
Why am I so stubbornly optimistic?
Because of a geopolitical fact: in East Ukraine there are not enough people willing to take up arms and die for - nor against - Kiev. 
There are no more obedient masses, not enough, not even in Russia. 
This is one of the facts at the basis of my positive outlook on Post-Cold War disintegration.
Impoverished Russian-speaking provinces - Luhansk, Kharkiv, Donetsk - are tempted by annexation to Russian Federation, where they hope to find low-cost energy and, perhaps, even a more solid welfare - not certainly by violence.
Odessa, the multi-ethnic southern province, is definitely interested in becoming a self-governing international zona franca - not certainly in self-destruction.
There are much more problems than resources, throughout the area, but also hope!
There are no limits to reforms and ameliorations that can be achieved, if citizens and netizens will be left free to choose a new generation of more accountable, pragmatic local leaders - may Vitali Klitschko (in the pic) be one of them?
Let's pray, let's hope, let's vote.
Happy Easter, beloved peoples of Ukraine, East Ukraine and Odessa.

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