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martedì 9 febbraio 2016

Democracy and Disintegration in Europe

In Berlin, the capital of the Eurozone, today, Yanis Varoufakis and many other progressive, civic leaders, gather to promote the, Democracy in Europe Movement 2025.
They propose democratization in order to avoid European disintegration.
We praise this initiative against Eurocracy, rightly described as a "highly political, top-down, opaque decision-making process", treacherously pretending to be "‘apolitical’, ‘technical’, ‘procedural’ and ‘neutral’" (from the manifesto).
Europeans deserve to have back democratic control over their money, finance, working conditions and environment.
We would modestly suggest that such democratization cannot start from above. The proposed "continental congress" would end up establishing not a peaceful European-size Switzerland, but a European version of the imperialist United States of America.
On the basis of our studies, we would warn not to seek solution to problems derived from Eurozone integration in further integration, concentration of power.
A new European confederation would more likely grow up from the bottom: many more local, democratic parliaments, in every city and territory, in every corner of Europe, starting from self-government in Catalonia, Scotland, Corsica, Sardinia, Tuscany, and many others.
Strong local, smaller democracies may concretely provide political inclusion, social justice, ecological protection, cultural diversity, and peace!
All common goods the Eurozone and its big member states have long denied the European peoples!
Perhaps, it is time to discover disintegration may also mean hope, and imagine democracy and disintegration going hand in hand.
Two cheers for the profound, sincere, genuine anarchical European soul. 

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