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domenica 4 ottobre 2015

John McCain's Syrian War Exposed

In the past I respected Senator John McCain, for his patriotism at least. Later he became one of the most single responsible for having sent American money, armaments, and CIA instructors to the so-called Free Syrian Army. In this he was not only wrong, but also reckless.

John McCain, 2014 - Source

Western weapons and money in Syria (as well as in Iraq) have directly or indirectly helped ISIS-ISIL-DAESH penetration in Syria, along with attempts of ethnic cleansing of Alawites and Christians, and even greater suffering for Kurds in Rojava. The triggering of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 suppressed hopes of gradual regime change, claimed more 300,000 lives, and displaced millions Syrians.

The recent Russian intervention has exposed how McCain and the American mainstream narrative is wrong. It is senseless the Western military help to those who wanted to replace Assad, establishing a new Sunni nationalist regime, under which women, minorities, Kurds, secular people would be worse off than under Assad. To mine Assad means to help the ISIS. And last, but not least, American, British, French bombs are pointless, if not a counterproductive, insane waste.

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