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domenica 6 luglio 2014

The smaller, the better: the invention of the wheel

From TED an other interesting speech, by Simon Anholt: Which country does the most good for the world?
Unfortunately, at the beginning, the speech is full of mainstream biases. For example it is said in the speech that countries compete, fight, are selfish... Well this may be true for the United States, because of their position of global supremacy. But it is not true for hundred of other countries, which are living peacefully and happily, and cooperating with their neighbors on all the global and regional issues.
It is also said that states are ruled by cultural psycopaths... Well, again, it may be true for Washington, London, Bruxelles, Beijing, Moscow, where dominant elites are selfishly concentrating power and riches. But it is not true for the most of planet: the majority of human beings are living in self-governing countries, autonomous communities, which are small enough to allow their citizens - netizens - to make the difference in every important matter.
And when speaking of economical justice, social inclusion, political participation, things are improving everywhere and smaller is the country, faster the process.
In fact, when he comes to data - the Good Country Index - the speaker invents again the political wheel: he discovers that small, peaceful, inclusive republics, like Ireland or Finland, are at the top of human civilization...
Another clue that international cooperation among free, self-governing, small republics is much better than any form of continental concentration of power, or global hierarchy.
An inconvenient truth for international elites, to find out that they are unnecessary and perhaps harmful to the human adventure. But a discovery reassuring for those who, like me, believe in the old adage: think globally, act locally.
I suspect that most of my essay – Disintegration as Hope – should be inspired by the well-known George Orwell's inspiration: “To see what is in front of one's nose needs a constant struggle”.

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