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giovedì 13 aprile 2017

The Coming Turkish NO

On the coming Easter-Pascha Sunday, April 16th 2017, if Erdogan's regime has not yet completely rigged the electoral mechanism, the communities and the peoples of Turkey will deliver a NO vote to the proposed AKP-MHP constitutional reform.

As it happened in Italy on December 2016, and in many other corners of the world, we bet that: electors will not believe the state propaganda; they will not obey the dominant party; they will not consent to further concentration of power and riches.

Let us hope.

If we are wrong, if Erdogan's lackeys have completely mined Turkish institutions, Turkey's (and our) future will eventually be far more complicated (but even in the worst case I am not pessimistic and I will soon explain why, in the coming days).

Let us pray and act, for democracy, decentralism, freedom and justice for all.

May all of you be blessed on Easter-Pascha!

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