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venerdì 7 aprile 2017

How to Cure American Hubris

One of the few reasonable Trump's promises has been broken. As one can read from those who voted for him, "President Trump's launch of military action in Syria represents a betrayal of the Americans who hoped he would pursue a different foreign policy than his two immediate predecessors".

The imperial military-industrial establishment is stronger than ever, still concentrating power and riches. President Trump was exposed as subaltern, incompetent, and eventually reckless.

In this dramatic hours, we must pray for the innocent victims. We must expose American responsibilities in triggering the Syrian "Civil War" and in other imperialistic adventures. We must be aware of the #SyriaHoax. We must say #NOWAR again and again.

But all this is not enough.

We need a much more radical approach to cure American imperial hubris.

Two important things can be reminded tonight:

- all over the world we must act to dismantle the American empire of bases; here in Tuscany we have to do something against NATO aggressive poising;

- in America we have to give support to peace movements, ranging from the anti-imperialistic activism up to the anti-war isolationism (the opposite sides of the political spectrum must cooperate in this dramatic situation).

In particular we must support American progressive decentralists, all over the United States. They can scale back and down the immense power concentrated in Washington and give birth to a new American spring of human-scale democracy, and social inclusion, and peace.

The best drug to cure American hubris we have met on the net up to know, is this intervention from the Free Vermonter Robert Williams Jr.

Please read it, diffuse it.

Unlikely as it may sound, Vermont Second Republic is the royal road to put an end to American internal inequality, international imperialism, militarism and corruption.

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