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venerdì 21 aprile 2017

EU is so rotten that even a Labourist can understand it

In the vigil of the French elections, which I believe will greatly shake the status quo, I suggest this reading to those who missed it:

The Sixth Way: Devolution by Dorette Corbey, published by Social Europe on 4 April 2017

Dorette Corbey is a politician from the Dutch Labour Party. Yes, exactly the party who went destroyed in the last Dutch political elections.

European Union is so rotten that even a Labourist can understand the necessity of profound Euroreform, and a new season of devolution.

Only the multiplication of strong local self-governing authorities - both newly independent republics as Scotland and Catalonia, and the multiplication of European autonomous regions and provinces - may bring democracy and socialism back to the people, keeping at bay chauvinism, preserving peace, justice, and free circulation in Europe.

The people need a say in the great challenge of overcoming the present sense of deprivation, the rising of inequalities, the fear of more neo-colonialist, imperialist wars.

Human-scale democracy, provided by the multiplication of free republics in Europe, scaling down EU and big states' concentration of power, may provide to the people new spaces of hope.
Let's go on, studying and working against what's wrong in Europe and beyond.

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