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lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

It is not only about the Kurds

A Kurdish woman, as circulated in some media, sacrificed herself to stop Islamo-fascist mercenaries on the outskirts of Kobane

She is known with the name of Arin Mirkan, and she is told being the mother of two. Details and findings are still confused, but her figure is already shrouded in legend.

She is the martyr of the resistance against Islamic State's dogs, the gang of the alleged Caliphate, the criminals who blasphemes the Merciful with their thirst for violence and power.

Such an heroine is not just about Kurds, but about the whole world. Kobane has become the a symbol, dangerously poised between disaster and - still possible - hope.

We honor her and her fellow sisters, the female fighters, forerunners of freedom, and peace, and justice.

The Kurdish people who had only experienced oppression and terror in their history, are fighting the Dark Beast. They do it for all of us.

Where are the 40 states who wanted to fight against them? All empty words.

United States, Great Britain, Turkey, NATO officials and so-called Western experts, we condemn your adventurism.

May your geopolitical mistakes fall on you, with shame.

May your peoples sweep you off at the next elections.
You bear the responsibility, along with former Saddam's officials and Saudi's secret services, of this new holocaust.

Honor to those women who fight for life.

Shame on all of you, Western warmongers and Middle East bastards.

* * *

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