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lunedì 26 agosto 2013

Immediate ceasefire in Syria

It is not too late.
It is time for advocating an immediate ceasefire in Syria.
If we, the West, really have any believable influence and dissuasion, we have to throw all our weight on the scales, on the side of an immediate truce.
Every attempt to bring an alleged international justice in the midst of a civil war will result only in another pointless and endless war.
Stop the liberal hubris. 
Stop the neocon warmongers.
Stop the military-industrial complex.
Let the UN mission end their survey.
Let the the painful but inevitable partition of Syria happen.
Please, America, think and think again.
The indigestion of political rhetoric will not bring international justice.
A time of justice might come come only after war. 
In the meantime, another good measure of geopolitical ignorance may lead the United States towards another disaster.

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