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domenica 11 settembre 2016

Interventionism or Peace

Fonte: Ansa

Western money, arms, and interventions in Iraq and Syria originated the multiplication of terror militias and armed factions. Then Western intervention triggered the bloody Syrian Civil War, conceived as (another) violent regime change. Then Western intervention provided the material, social, political conditions for the foundation of (another) Islamic State.
Russian and Iranian interventions checked and balanced American, Turkish, Saudi hubris.
Kurdish Rojava resistance have showed liberation and democratic self-government for all the oppressed peoples, are possible.
Now (another) American-Russian general truce in Syria has been promised.
It would be the best way to honor 9/11 15th anniversary and the Islamic Eid.
Let's hope, and also pray, and hear the peoples' voice.
Stop interventionism.
Give peace a chance.

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