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mercoledì 30 marzo 2016

No to another war in Libya

Libya short situation update

There is a Western, American-led, UN-blessed message for all of you, stubborn peoples from Cyrenaica (ruled by Tobruk's authority), Tripolitania (ruled by Tripoli's parliament), Sirte's rebels (told to be infiltrated by IS), Fezzan (where Tuareg tribes are fighting for a space of hope).

The message is strong and clear: accept the internationally imposed "unity" puppet government and the West will eventually bomb you; refuse it and the West will eventually bomb you, either.

Western military-industrial hubris is rising, despite criticism from geopolitical experts, political scientists, historians and other intellectuals. An important statement against an adventure in Libya was published today by Paolo Mieli, on the Corriere della Sera, but international pression on Italy is increasing. A wide, powerful, international establishment wants Mr Matteo Renzi to lead another Italian war in Libya.

Will Mr Renzi resist?

Will we, the people of the Italian Republic, and especially we, the people of Tuscany, stand firm saying No?

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