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giovedì 3 marzo 2016

Italian Neocolonialism in Libya

Italy is back...
An Italian special corp, under the direct responsibility of President Matteo Renzi, might soon join other Western forces in military operations in Libya.
In 2016, Italians are returning in the colony they conquered in 1911.
The vast territory is six times greater than Italy, but with a tiny, sparse population of only six million.
It seems to us an unlikely terrorist hunt
To put it with the words of the Tuscan writer Carlo Coccioli, who spent his youth in Fascist Libya, a time of slanderous fabrications, veiled in a solemn anti-terror rhetoric, is repeating.
Perhaps, not many people of Libya remember Italian colonialist figures, as Pietro Badoglio, Rodolfo Graziani, Italo Balbo, but they will soon have to learn.
Unfortunately, Italian nonviolent leader as Emma Bonino, the fews who are working with refugees in the fragile Tunisia, along with many other geopolitical experts, have remained unheard.
This is the beginning of a slippery neocolonialist adventure.
Unless we wake up and say NO MORE WAR, this might be the beginning of another senseless, destructive Western intervention.
This "war on terror" can only multiply refugees, and feed resentment.
Stand up, people of Tuscany, Italy, Europe, America, and beyond, against this march of folly.


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