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sabato 16 gennaio 2016

Tsainami in Taiwan

Source: SCMP

Taiwanese people have spoken.
It was a landslide, historic victory for the democratic, progressive, local, authonomist candidate, madam Tsai Ing-wen.
She has become the first woman president of the republic of Taiwan and her Democratic Progressive Party has gained control of the legislative body.
Her main challenges: protecting vernacular cultures of Taiwan, environment safeguard, enhancing democracy, social justice (in the midst of an enduring economic stasis), giving hope and proud to islanders' new generations, being an icon of liberty for all the Chinese sphere, all Asia, and beyond.
A very demanding job!
She has also the mandate to establish a new advanced kind of Chinese confederation, establishing a special relationship with the mainland, maintaining Taiwan self-government.
At the end of 1940s, at the moment of United Nations foundation, along with the Soviet Union, also Ukraine and Byelorussia were admitted.
Taiwan is much more independent than Ukraine and Byelorussia were, and modern mainland China is very different from then Soviet Union, but the precedent may help to set a progressive, inclusive direction of research.
When we say we are living in an interdependent world, and at the same time we say we believe in self-determination, we set an empty frame.
It takes much more imagination to fill it with pragmatic, practicable, geopolitical content.
May the Providence bless Taiwan and madam Tsai Ing-wen.

* * *

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